Black Belt Grading Success

It is with absolute pleasure that I announce the latest success at Black Belt grading. The snow had delayed things somewhat but the grading took place on a cold and snowy Friday evening in December at Tudor Grange Leisure Centre. Sensei Ronnie Christopher was as usual expecting a tough session and assisted by Sensei Mark Powell the students were put through their paces. To those students who didn’t make the grade on the day, remember “the sun always shines after a storm” (Sensei Gary).

So a massive congratulations to our new Sho Dan

Anthony Tuohey (Tony) from Cocks Moors Woods, Kenilworth and Solihull achieved 1st Dan

Jagvi Patel from Solihull who also achieved 1st Dan;

Daniel Wild from Bromsgrove who achieved 2nd Dan (Ni Dan)

David Farrance from Stourbridge and Hagley achieved 3rd Dan (San Dan)

As Tony said afterwards “thats the hardest thing I’ve ever done” and I am sure all the other candidates would agree. A mock grading held a month before by Sensei Gary which gave them a good foundation on what to expect both physically and mentally but its on the day that matters.

Ruach Karate is very pleased to welcome these new Dan grades to the growing ranks of higher grades training and competing with the spirit of karate.

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