Bromsgrove Time Change

Training at Bromsgrove will now start at 12:30 on Saturday. Book your place for all indoor sessions at

Due to weather conditions there will be no outdoor training this week.


Indoor Sessions

Friday             18:00 Tudor Grange Leisure Centre      19:00 Stratford upon Avon Leisure Centre & Tamworth

Saturday         10:30 Crystal Leisure Centre   12:30 Bromsgrove Leisure Centre

Sunday           11:15 Kenilworth                 13:00 Kingsheath                    14:00&15:00 Tudor Grange Leisure Centre, Solihull

Monday          19:00 Haybridge Hagley

Tues               19:00 Kingsheath.

Zoom Sessions

Friday         15:45 beginners & 18:00

Saturday     10:30 & 15:00

Sunday        11:15 & 15:00

Monday       15:45 Beginners & 19:00

Tuesday      19:00

Make sure that you book onto the indoor classes via the website to make sure we stay safe and compliant with current rules. Wear a mask when entering the sports centre and use hand gel on entering  but also stay a safe distance from everyone else. In the dojo keep your water bottles etc close by so that moving around is kept to a minimum plus remember there is to be no kiai’s

Thank you

Sensei Gary

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