Dojo Etiquette

Dojo Etiquette:

Karate is different from any other sports because a student does not only learn and improve his ability and technical skill, but learns how to respect him/herself and others. Part of this respect is gained through the Dojo Etiquette. Remember it’s about showing respect and staying safe.
◦ Bow on entering or leaving the dojo
◦ Address any instructor by his title. Sensei
◦ Say OSS upon receiving any advice or command from the instructor
◦ Walk around the edge of the dojo/training area
◦ Inform your instructor before the session if you have any injury
◦ Tell your instructor before the class if you must leave early
◦ Try to train at least twice a week (Attendance should be regular)
◦ Show respect to each other, both inside and outside the dojo
◦ Keep good personal hygiene and keep finger and toe nails clean and short
◦ Keep your Gi (uniform) and Belt clean and in good condition
◦ You can always ask your instructor or higher grade for advice
◦ Always try your best to give your 100% effort and nothing less during each session
◦ If you arrive late, kneel as you enter inside the dojo where you can clearly be seen by the instructor and wait and watch carefully for the instructor’s command to join the session, stay kneeling down, bow, and then enter quietly.
◦ Interrupt during the session, especially the sensei
◦ Leave the class without your instructor’s permission
◦ Use offensive language or behaviour in the dojo (including talking during the session, shouting and fidgeting)
◦ Wear any jewellery in the dojo
◦ Use your Karate skills outside the dojo (except for self-defence.)

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