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Getting Back into the Dojo 12.4.21

As we come out of the Covid restrictions, I thought I would take this opportunity to share with you what Ruach Shotokan Karate are doing to getting back into the dojo and resume our Martial Arts.

One to One training has already started outdoors around the region weather permitting and this will continue up to the end of the May.

The session will begin at 18:30 and finish at 19:30 and will look at the self defence drills we have been practicing. At the same time there will be a zoom session with Sensei Gary Beggan. Students wishing to take part in the outdoor session with Sensei Ronnie Christopher must text 07946 348 131 with your details. Social distancing will apply to all students and a distance of two metres must be observed.

We are now returning to indoor training at the following sports centres and times

Monday  Erdington 17:00 Hagley 19:00

Tuesday  Cocks Moors Woods  18:00

Friday      Stratford upon Avon 1830

Saturday Crystal leisure centre 10:30, Bromsgrove leisure centre 12:30, The Village Hotel 1500

Sunday Kenilworth 11:00 Cocks Moors Woods 13:00, Tudor Grange Leisure Centre 14:00(beginners to Green belts) 15:00(purple to Black Belt)

Please remember you must book your attendance via because there is only 15 spaces per session available for under 18s.

Zoom Sessions will Continue

Our Zoom sessions will continue even when we move back indoors to the sports centres and will run at the same time where our mobile internet connect allows but this is the plan with Zoom after the 12th April

Monday 17:15 Beginner, 19:00 all grades

Tuesday 18:00 all grades

Sunday 14:00 all grades

Zoom Etiquette

Dojo Etiquette:   Karate is different from any other sports because a student does not only learn and improve his ability and technical skill, but learns how to respect him/herself and others. Part of this respect is gained through the Dojo Etiquette. Remember it’s about showing respect and staying safe


    • Bow on entering or leaving the dojo
    • Address any instructor by his/her title. Sensei
    • Say OSS upon receiving any advice or command from the instructor
    • Walk around the edge of the dojo/training area
    • Inform your instructor before the session if you have any injury
    • Tell your instructor before the class if you must leave early
    • Try to train at least twice a week (Attendance should be regular)
  • Show respect to each other, both inside and outside the dojo
  • Keep good personal hygiene and keep finger and toe nails clean and short
  • Keep your Gi (uniform) and Belt clean and in good condition
  • You can always ask your instructor or higher grade for advice
  • Always try your best to give your 100% effort and nothing less during each session


  • If you arrive late, kneel as you enter inside the dojo where you can clearly be seen by the instructor and wait and watch carefully for the instructor’s command to join the session, stay kneeling down, bow, and then enter quietly.
  • Interrupt during the session, especially the sensei
  • Leave the class without your instructor’s permission
  • Use offensive language or behaviour in the dojo (including talking during the session, shouting and fidgeting)
  • Wear any jewellery in the dojo
  • Use your Karate skills outside the dojo (except for self-defence.)

12th April 2021 Sports Centres Open

Martial Arts across the West Midlands move back into the sports centres for under 18’s and parents who train with their children. Adults will be allowed to train in the sports centres at the back on their own with a maximum of 15 students per class.

Easter Competition

The Easter Samurai Helmet Competition was great fun and thank you to Joey and Zharla for your help in judging.  The winner was Tilly & Polly and received an Easter egg delivered Easter Sunday plus everyone who entered received chocolate on the day. Well done everyone.

The Stan Bowley Trust

This year more than any other, Ruach karate is giving back to the community because all charities have suffered with a lack of fundraising opportunities due to the lockdown restrictions. Our chosen charity for 2021 is The Stan Bowley Trust which helps support cancer treatment at the QE Hospital in Birmingham. You can help support the charity in a number of ways such as:

The Stan Bowley TrustBest Foot Forward

Amazon Smile

Lichfield Murder Mystery Walk

All the details for these events can be found on The Stan Bowley Trust website. Click here

Please let me know if you book onto any of the events for the charity.

If you would like to join us at Ruach please fill in our contact form here 

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