External Courses for Inspiration

Hi, as you know we like to experience the best that Karate has to offer and this sometimes means travelling to other dojo around the country or event abroad. Last year saw Sensei David and I, travel to Ireland to train with the Japan Karate Association and Sensei Naka, plus a trip to Belgium to train with Sensei Junior Lefevre. I can honestly say that we had a fantastic time training and making new friends.

This year we again travel to Dublin on the 17.2.18 to meet up with CIKA Ireland and Sensei Junior Lefevre to train. As many of you know Sensei Chris moved back home to Ireland last year and I have been in touch with him and he will be joining us for the day.

On March 3rd, our students will have a chance to travel to Bury near Manchester for the CIKA England Spring Course with Sensei Junior Lefevre. I have booked 10 places so far, and 5 of these have already been reserved!!! So if you plan on taking part in competitions this year book your place NOW.

AND if that wasn’t enough, we have our very own Master Class with Sensei Dave Hazard 7th Dan on 24th & 25th  March at Cocks Moors Woods. This is the 3rd year we have hosted a course with Sensei Hazard and this for me speaks volumes as to the technical ability; knowledge and skill of one of the best Instructors in the World today.

Its turning out to be a busy year again!

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