Family, Inspiration and Transformation

If you were to ask me what three words summed up my feelings about Ruach Karate it would have to be: Family, Inspiration and Transformation. With Ruach Karate I have experienced the true potential to transform your life with martial arts and inspirational Karate. Starting my journey in this lifelong passion in the late 70’s I have found the exhilaration of learning and achievement goes way beyond the dojo into all aspects of your life. A thirst for knowledge and experiences drives me to explore this passion to its fullest seeking out from around the whole world the very best and studying at every opportunity what’s on offer. Teaching others to embrace the whole process and watching them grow in confidence, skill and determination brings an overwhelming feeling of fulfilment that words just don’t do justice. I find it cathartic in a world so hectic that it’s an oasis of calm sliced out of a busy day indulging oneself guilt free in replenishing mind and body.

We are experts at giving you and your family the chance to create lasting memories, to learn new skills and celebrate achievement together. Ruach The Spirit of Karate – Inspiring your transformation. Experience the true potential to transform your life with martial arts and inspirational Karate.

Students and parents have been coming to us for decades for a variety of reasons and some common traits emerge as they want to step beyond boundaries and not accept the norm. Pushing themselves to improve, to stand outside of the barriers put in their way, where they can learn to overcome obstacles.

They want the opportunity to create memories. They want quality time with family, children and grandchildren. They want experiences they can share together and training experts that know what they are doing. They seek something exciting to make them feel invigorated, to keep them wanting more. They want the buzz but not the potential of injuries that come with some team sports. They seek the thrill of passing a black belt grading – the best feeling for both the student and the teacher. They seek that natural high to help produce those endorphins that make them feel alive. The chemical high from performing a kick to a complicated combination of moves. They are looking for a more fun way to learn self-defence, develop self-confidence and get more active.

They seek somewhere they can go where there is no ego, where they can learn to overcome challenges and get the help they need in fight or flight situations. Where focus and attention are instilled from the start using games that teach concentration so they learn to always keep safe and the first rule of Karate – don’t get hit. Where they can practice the skill of inner focus, how to stay calm and in control to get on with whatever it is they need to do.

Life is full of challenges like Lockdown. They want somewhere to find rest from being inside the home all day, where they can learn how to cope with life’s disappointments, and how to overcome difficult challenges.

Somewhere they can learn the joy of the journey, where they don’t rest on their laurels, and instead learn how to appreciate all that life has to offer. Where they can celebrate their achievements in life and in Karate with like-minded people who will be happy for them, not envy them.

They want to be surrounded by more qualified brown and black belts. They want to train with committed and passionate instructors that will help them achieve their belt assessments and gradings by adding value through student-focussed developmental competitions.

More than anything they want to develop the courage to stand up for themselves and others, the resilience to overcome obstacles, the determination to achieve their goals and to exceed their own expectations.

This journey I am on excites me, the competitions we enter excite me and of course our guest instructors with their wealth of knowledge excites me but all of this pales when I think about the plans, I have for the future of Ruach The Spirit of Karate. Osu! Watch this space!

          If you have never tried karate and you’r wondering what all the fuss is about then why not book TWO FREE WEEKS to try  before you buy! It’s simple to do just text 07946348131 and take a look at further details  Why Choose Ruach 

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