Grading Dates

Most of you are enjoying yourselves on holiday at the moment taking in the sights and tanning in the Sun. So to make sure everyone is ready for grading and has a chance to get back into it following your break we have decided to move the grading dates to the following:

21.9.19 Stratford Upon Avon Leisure Centre
22.9.18 Bromsgrove; Stourbridge and Shirley
23.9.18 Cocks Moors Woods and Tudor Grange which will include the Black Belt Grading.
28.9.18 Tamworth

I look forward to seeing you all back training over the next few weeks and completing your assessments, especially 1st Kyu’s who can complete any one of their modules at any of the gradings.

Thank you
Sensei Gary
Stratford Gymnasium, Community Sports Centre

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