Happy Happy Birthday

Well August is a very busy month for Birthdays for Students and Sensei’s so on behalf of everyone at Ruach Karate we wish you a fantastically awesome birthday, especially the following:

Sensei Sarah from Cocks Moors Woods
Sensei John from Hagley
Erik from Cocks Moors Woods who is celebrating a Big Birthday this month
Dontae from Cocks Moors Woods who is now in double figures
Darcy from Stourbridge
Richard from Bromsgrove
Xicheng from Cocks Moors Woods
Rachael from Shirley with a Milestone Birthday
Prasanth from Cocks Moors Woods
Matt from Cocks moors Woods
John from Tamworth
Jack from Tamworth

If I have missed you off the role of honour then please leave a message and I will get it updated. Remember, just because I’ve mentioned you doesn’t mean I want a piece of birthday cake even though I love cake- Honest!

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