Lottie achieves Black Belt

Fantastic Finish to 2018

Ruach Karate is a familiar sight at Tudor Grange Leisure Centre on a Sunday afternoon with Sensei Ronnie Christopher 6th Dan Double World Champion in attendance but this month was special because we finished the year with a Black Belt Grading. Whist a Black Belt Grading is a special occasion after 5 to 6 years of hard training this was extra special as the only student to pass was Miss Lottie Davis. Lottie started training with Ruach at Stratford upon Avon Leisure Centre as a young teenager now 18, which in itself is quite rare but dedication has paid off. Lottie tells us what it was like on the day:-

“ Before the grading I was nervous of course, not knowing what to expect but I was told by many of my fellow students and instructors that all I needed to go and do was my best, and then it wouldn’t matter if I pass or failed. So I went in with the attitude of giving it all I had and showing Sensei Ronnie all that I could do and that I had a determined attitude. 
During the grading I had a rush of adrenaline and it felt great to demonstrate my skills and to really push myself to my limit. I faced challenges and overcame them, which gave me confidence to continue to strive to get my black belt. 
Then once I had completed the grading there was a sense of relief, but also the nerves kicked back in, waiting to find out if I had done enough. I waited patiently with the other 1st Kyu’s each supporting each other. Once I had found out that I had passed I was relived but also very excited, trying not to show it too much so I could take on board the advice I was being given. 

The best part of the grading was the feeling after I had completed each section and felt that I had given my all and really demonstrated what I could do, and that’s what spurred me on to push as hard as possible and never give up. 

Starting karate was one of the best decisions I have made, because it is a sport that really gives you confidence. Every grading you try your hardest and moving on to the next grade pushes you to work harder. It’s a great form of not only self-defence but self belief and life skills. From learning the moves and katas, to learning freestyle fighting and spatial awareness, just in case you ever come across something unfortunate and need to use your skills. It also teaches you about controlling breathing and focussing your energy and breathing, so you concentrate all on karate and not any other worries you have. 
For females it is a great sport to make you feel confident in your ability but also confident you could handle a situation if needed. There are not many females who do karate, especially not many who compete which I have experienced many times, but that gives me the drive to continue and show that women can do it to”.

Lottie is not stopping there as she also joined the Instructors development program with Ruach Karate and is now assisting in teaching and passing on her skills to others. Students can see the passion Lottie has for the Art of Karate and are eager to learn from a talented student and competitor.

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