Master Class with Sensei Dave Hazard

Master Class with Sensei Dave Hazard 7th Dan November 2016

With over 45 years of experience in Shotokan Karate it was an extreme pleasure for Ruach Shotokan Karate Club to host this Master Class. Sensei Hazard learnt his craft under Sensei Keinosuke Enoeda who became not only his instructor but his mentor and friend. In 1977 Sensei Hazard received an invitation to travel to Japan and train on the JKA Instructors course with Master Masatoshi Nakayama.

A number of publications and Instructional DVD’s “Applied Karate” are still available and well worth seeking out. In the year 2000 Sensei Hazard accepted the post of England Kata coach a post he held to 2006.

The weekend training attended by Black Belts from around the country focused on basic fundaments to start with, seeking the correct foot position during kicks and the drills we could use to improve in our own study. Then came an onslaught of knowledge on the kata and application as we dissected each move in the Heian katas before moving onto more advanced kata.

In every sense of the word this really was a Master Class enjoyed by all that attended. Sitting down afterwards for a coffee we were again exposed to the vast knowledge of Sensei Hazard as he gave us a glimpse of his life’s work. It truly was an honour.

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