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The Passion

“Here at Ruach Karate, The Spirit of Karate we build confidence, discipline and respect but above all we instill life long learning and our students absolutely believe in themselves- watching that happen, that’s the passion; that’s the magic”.   Sensei Gary Beggan

Great for my Grandson

Hi just started taking my grandson to Tamworth training, he has slight adhd and this is calming him down, the one 2 one training is great, thank you Gary

Kevin for Charlee-JAck


Poetry in Motion

Learn to concentrate. Learn by doing. Learn balance and coordination. Gain fitness. Gain strength. Learn to protect yourself and others. Learn discipline. Learn respect. Learn control over pain and anxiety Learn calm. Learn inner peace. Learn what you're really made of. Learn karate at the Ruach Shotokan Karate Association, in a fun family atmosphere suitable for all ages and abilities. Elly@Kingsheath #Greatcoaching



Setting Goals

Ruach Karate has a great family friendly environment that offers high level teaching and a continual challenge for everyone from a beginner to someone like myself who has been training on and off since 1986. I’ve been able to benefit from the regular black belt courses and competitions that are organised throughout the year both in this country and abroad. Thanks to Gary and the other Sensei’s at Ruach, last year I was finally able achieve my 3rd Dan, grading under the internationally renowned, double world champion Ronnie Christopher, one of the toughest things I’ve ever done. However as soon as you’ve hit one target Gary will make sure you are working hard to achieve the next level and the Black Belt Development program means you’ve always got another target to aim for. Dave@Stourbridge

Sensei Dave Hazard 7th Dan Master Class March 18

"Inspirational karate taught and delivered with devastating intent" Kevin

Inspirational Instruction at Ruach Karate

"My daughters adore Ruach Karate and the wonderful coaches instructing them. The discipline, the guidance and the confidence they gain every week will serve them well for the rest of their lives. Sensei Gary, Sensei Mark and Sensei Ronnie offer a master class in how to inspire children and adults". Steve (Parent, Cocks Moors Woods Leisure Centre)

Awesome Friday

Tonight's training session was the first of Sensei Russell's Friday night Karate classes. There were lots of kids there and only four adults (including me.) However, Sensei Russell kept the pace high from the start and offered something for everyone - a bit of kumite training, some basics and lots of kata to finish. There was hardly any talking and I don't think Sensie Russell uttered the word 'I' at any point! Everything was student-focused and designed to challenge and reinforce. Awesome session. I'm looking forward to more Fridays! 9.3.18 Anthony (Brown Belt)

Brilliant first session with Ruach

Jacob had his first session on Tuesday at Cocks Moors Woods

Something Different

Ronnie christopher will always be my hero with regards to kumite but Gary offers something totally different. An indepth understanding about karate. I can ask this man about the questions unanswered and he will always have an answer. Thank you gary. You broaden my karate horizons. Osu .

Professional School

This is a very professional school with core values of the Martial Arts I would highly recommend

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