Gary Beggan

Gary started training in martial arts at the age of 15 beginning with Olympic wrestling and wado ryu karate. As part of the Olympic wrestling training he was fortunate enough to spend a training session with the British Judo Olympic squad learning floor techniques. After taking a break from Martial arts for school study purposes he returned in 1985 to study shotokan karate under the guiding hand of Sensei Bob Hudson to further his ability he also trained with Sensei Ronnie Christopher. The majority of his Kyu gradings were under Andy Sherry or Bob Pointen taking his Black Belt under Sensei Enoeda at Bath in 1988. During his training life he has been fortunate enough to receive instruction from some of the finest exponent of Karate namely: Sensei Enoeda, Sensei Otha, Sensei Tabata, Sensei Tanaka, Sensei Yahara, Sensei Kase, Sensei Kanasowe, Sensei Shiri, Sensei Andy Sherry, Sensei Bob Rhodes, Sensei Billy Higgins, Sensei Terry O Neil, Sensei Bob Pointen, Sensei Frank Brennan, Sensei Steve Cattle. More recently Gary considers himself very lucky to have had the opportunity to train with Shihan Minakarmi on his recent British Tour.

Gary’s Motivation for Karate
Whenever Gary trains, he says that he feels like he is training with friends, a family of friends. There are no egos just an honest encouragement to achieve the best that you can be. He is left with a warm feeling of satisfaction from the knowledge gained and the improvement made. For Gary, karate goes far beyond the physical element, because he believes that the confidence has has gained from training in Karate has given him the determination to achieve a degree. It was with the same vigour and enthusiasm he had developed from his Karate training that he used in his approach to his studies with the university of Portsmouth.

Your Karate Training with Sensei Gary Beggan
Gary has followed Sensei Christopher’s lead and always encouraged family participation in training.Here are just a few comments from his students:-

“I like it because it teaches you self defence and gives you confidence, it also keeps you fit and healthy”

“Karate helps me keep fit and make new friends”

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