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It is really nice to receive a testimonial like this and I do appreciate the kind words. What pleases me and the other Instructors at Ruach Karate the most is the positive impact on our students allowing them to enjoy life. Thank you so much Cat.

“I’m a mother of two boys, four and seven years old. Lockdown has taken its toll on their self- esteem confidence and focus.

I was looking for ways to help them with their self-esteem and confidence for example a private tutor for my eldest who was struggling to focus and concentrate at school. I met Sensei Gary Beggan at a BNI chapter meeting and he offered me a free session for both of my boys to see if they enjoyed it.

After the first two weeks of karate training my eldest started showing a real improvement in concentration and schoolwork so we decided to sign him up for the two months of training.

My son’s confidence has grown.

His schoolwork and concentration at school have improved tremendously. And there’s been a noticeable improvement in his overall behaviour as a result of increased mental focus and alertness, increased self-esteem and confidence.

The value of karate training my son has received so far, is priceless! The training allowed him to realise his full potential and has improved his performance across the board, I cannot recommend Ruach karate enough”.


At Ruach The Spirit of Karate, we teaches self defence, discipline and respect to children from the age of four; teenagers and adults giving them the confidence to conquer the bullies in life!

Our martial arts karate sessions are taught in a safe structured an engaging way delivering discipline, confidence, mindfulness, respect and self-defence, supporting their mental health and well being through everything life throws at them.

Getting fit doing it, you can start whatever your ability or skill level. If they are stir crazy at the moment get them active with us to blow off steam and refocus their energy. We are experts in delivering family training so lasting memories can be shared along with the same experiences and emotions in quality family time.

Why not try  two free weeks unlimited training like Cat and then follow this with our low cost taster course which includes a free karate suit and mitts. Book now 07946348131

If you have never tried karate and you’r wondering what all the fuss is about then why not book TWO FREE WEEKS to try before you buy! It’s simple to do just text 07946348131 and take a look at further details  Why Choose Ruach 

If you would like to join us in January 2023 at Ruach Karate and exceed your expectation with inspirational training then please fill in our contact form here


Thank you

Sensei Gary

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