The Rhondda Open

Rhonnda Competition

The Rhondda Open

12 February 1017 

It was a bright and beautiful morning as we set off to take part in this CIKA competition, as always meeting up at Cocks Moors Woods Leisure Centre in the early hours of Sunday morning. Everyone was in good spirit and this continued throughout the day.

John from Tamworth Club was first on the tatami and to be fair his first external competition so it was just kata today. A nice strong effort saw him take home bronze much to the delight of all the team who were there to support him. The look on his face when he was being congratulated, by Sensei Jez made the journey down to Wales all the more worthwhile.

But we didn’t stop there with the medals and trophies as during the day our tally continued to grow with both kata and kumite events for Daniel; Jamie and Anthony taking a raft of trophies each home. It was a great day to meet new friends and reacquaint ourselves with old friends. The day was well organized and ran smoothly, this is very important because it helps build confidence in the competitors for the future.



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