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Transforming lives with Martial Arts

Transforming lives with Martial Arts

Transforming lives with Martial ArtsRuach The Spirit of Karate, transforming lives with martial arts is how I describe our organisation to anyone that shows an interest.

But the proof of that statement comes to life when you get testimonials like the one from Dhanyata:

“During a particularly draining chemistry lesson at school, I almost replied to the teacher in Japanese, with “Oss, Sensei”!

Having to cope with the stresses of A-levels, I now understand the importance of karate at Ruach. It not only helps you through your school years and life physically, socially and mentally, but the sport finds and unlocks your spirit (hence the motto). A tennis player might describe their racquet as an extension of their arm, but the community here would agree that karate uses every muscle in the body, ultimately changing the way you hold yourself and present yourself to the world. 

Having joined the club just over 5 years ago, the community at Ruach is already an extended family. Everyone joins for different reasons and is at different crossroads in life, but one thing that unites us is our passion for karate. Trust me – I didn’t join with this in mind, but the passion slowly and inevitably grows on you. The instructors are experts in their field and always play an active role in taking care of your well-being, and you will make friends for life”.

Thank you Dhanyata for taking the time to give this feedback.

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  • Dhanyata – summed up perfectly, and best of luck with all the exams.

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