Welcome to Ruach Karate

Our karate here at Ruach has many benefits that can be seen in our students such as: confidence; fitness, coordination and discipline but it also provides a fantastic platform for building character and unleashing potential whilst learning new skills and having fun.

Resilience, resourcefulness and decision-making may not be immediately evident but over time you will see results. Reinforcing politeness and good manners in a collaborative and safe environment is a daily practice for us. Building self-confidence and respect for yourself and others is just as important to us as self-defence. Our passion and love for teaching Martial Arts is second to none and that’s why we attract World Class Instructors to teach on our courses.

It has been said that there are over 600 muscles in the Human body and all of these can be used in a Karate session burning over a 1000 calories all whilst increasing core strength, posture and flexibility.

Children and Teens especially benefit from developing a host of skills that help outside the karate training including:

  • Listening skills;
  • Respect,
  • Hand-eye coordination,
  • Memory and focus,
  • Socialising,
  • Goal setting,
  • Speed,
  • Agility,
  • Flexibility
  • And balance.

Our students have gone on to achieve fantastic results academically and the feedback received from parent’s points to their increased focus developed with our training.

Safety is key to our training we provide a family friendly environment for all to succeed. Training will provide quality time and a shared experience with your children unlike any other activity should you wish. Training start from the age of four for all abilities with the added advantage of getting fit while your doing it. So, jogging bottoms, tee shirt and a small drink of water is all that’s needed to get started on your first fantastic free week.



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